What is Zz?


Used in several gaming comunities as a way to express subtle surprising(as if there is no care) emotions.

In game(Lineage):

Creapy: I killed you and all your dogs lol pathetic.

DeathWarrior: zz

See lol, babo, tt, qq, kaka


nipples; male or female

Amber and Ashlee compared the size of their ZZ's.

See rr, kk, ss, ee, hh


a generally mild negative expression used by scenesters to show disintrest and other cynical emotions

bouncer-"sorry. cant let you back stage"

sceneXcore groupie- "zz, ya freakin' manwhore"

See scene, bad, negative, bored


the act of piercing one in the chest using the brute force of ones forehead

i got ZZ'd last night by some crazy person, i am feeling sore.

See zz, head, forehead, fore, pierce, hit, knock, gtarsx


sleeping, not

wake up, sleepers. Run the good race.

pronunciation: zeez

See ime


The artist that made the Techno song "MAXX UNLIMITED" from DDR MAX2.

See Samurai Katsu


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