What is Zzomg?


an expansion of OMG which accurately denotes the increase of the 'OMG' factor.

The increase in 'OMG' factor is exponentially related to the increase in Z's (ie. it is not a linear relationship)

Thus, zzzZOMG denotes much more than twice the OMG factor of zZOMG, although it only has twice the Z's.

zZOMG you just tk'd our group you nub.

compared to:

zzzzzzzzzzzZOMG you just tk'd our entire guild and wiped our raid during the final bossmob of a 12hr crawl with damn near instant repops, /gc kick

See zomg, omg, omfg


Natural extension of zomg, zOMG, ZOMG.

Since "zomg" is the new "omg," used relentlessly like ... well, like "like" or "d00d," something needs to be the new "zomg," and what better candidate than the child of the original ZOMG?

zOMG, wh3re R U d00d?

zZOMG, Im in ur semiotix killing ur zOMGs.

See omg, zomg, semiotics, im in ur


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