What is Y?


Depending on the context it can mean either why or yes.

Example 1: Use of y as meaning yes

< IMConvo>

d00d1: is the train supposed to leave at 6:30?

dood2: y

Example 2: Use of y? meaning why?

< IMConvo>

d00d1: u wanna come see the new teletubbie movie with us?

d00d2: y?

d00d1: its super cool!

d00d2: stfu fag

***d00d1 was blocked


The 25th letter in the alphabet, second to last, the last letter being Z.

...But you already knew that, right?

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short for the word "why"

wiCkEd eEv: y did u blow urself up?

iconocaste: it was an accident. y how come? did u see who threw the nade?

wiCkEd eEv: nuh uh


1. Appears at first glance to be a regular "y", but upon closer inspection it contains to dots above it, which is not usual for a y in the english language. These dots give the appearance that it is somehow a deranged smiley face with it's lip hanging far below where its mouth ends.

2. The final definition on Urban Dictionary.

It is impossible to pronounce "ÿ" without first cutting out your tongue and eating hot coals.

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It's the letter Y, with two dots on top. I imagine that ÿ is pronounced differently from y, but if so, I don't know what the difference actually is.

Person 1: "Look, that ÿ has two dots on it!"

Person 2: "Must be a misprint."


Y or the Y oral sex

I'm going to eat at the "Y" tonight.

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Y stands for preved (An Internet term and the biggest ever flashmob in the history of russian Internet community) because of its similarity to the figure ("medved") from the well known picture, originally drawn by John Lurie. The drawing was altered in a minor way by replacing the word "surprise!" with the word "preved!" (by its russian spelling, of course) Actually, it was Medved (a bear) who said "preved" to a couple of people having sex in the wood.

Y - znachit PREVED!

(In english it'll be "Y for PREVED!" - Russian humorous interpretation of the movie title "V for Vendetta")

See preved, lurie, Negator


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