Y Helo Thar

What is Y Helo Thar?


Why hello there. Ususally preceeding a proposal for anal sex.

y helo thar

buttsekz? LOLOL


Common greeting by those seeking anal sex.

nublet: Yo

Steve: Y helo thar.

nublet: Stay back.


Originating from 4chan, this phrase is a popular internet meme meaning "why hello there" and followed by "buttsecks". Commonly used to mock AOL Kidsin internet conversations.

<XxGrrlPowahxX> hi howru

<yns88> Y helo thar buttsecks.


Stands for "Why Hello There." It is then followed up by the word "buttsecks" which is Internet slang for "anal sex."

It is greatly used on the WWEGSB.

New girl: Hello, I'm new to the WWEGSB. I'm a girl!

Random noob boys: y helo thar buttsecks

See Scooter


A BETTER way of saying "Why hello there." on the so called, internet.

y helo thar buttsecks?? lolol


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