Y Town

What is Y Town?


"Y town" is the short name for Ypsilanti, Michigan. Its a small country town that has absolutely no culture, no code of ethics, etc, but instead cherry pics different fads and trends from mainstream media, and adopts it as a standard of living. It is the home of Eastern Michigan University as well. Also, don't let the ignorant country nigas from out here confuse you into thinking that "West Willow" or the "South side" are rough and hard areas because they arent. They are two neighborhoods that are literally 1 mile from each other in a small town that has a 7 mile radius, and they beef over absolutely nothing. Most cats from Ypsilanti really convince themselves to be hard because they wear new J's and sell nickel and dime sacks on the corner, but they really a sons and daughters of middle to upper-middle class folks, who go to good schools, and are spoiled as hell. Ypsilanti locals suffer from a "Small town Complex" which is the same concept as a "Napoleon Complex" except it not about a persons height, but the mentality of the town. Most Ypsilanti locals will lie and tell people they are from Detroit, only to compensate for the fact that Ypsilanti is lame and full of simple ass people, but the truth comes to light when the difference in Detroit swag and Ypsilanti followism is apparent.

Detroit dude: Whats good man, where you from?

Ypsilanti dude: Im from West Willow Baby!!

Detroit dude: What the fuck is a West Willow?

Ypsilanti dude: Nigga, its out there in y town where we doin the damn thing out there my nigga!!

Detroit dude: What the Fuck is y town?

Ypsilanti dude: Ypsilanti my dude. . . . . . Right there next the Ann Arbor my nigga.

Detroit dude: I dont know what the fuck you talkin bout, with yo simple ass.

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