Ya Boys

What is Ya Boys?


Vallejo Police Department and all its officers and privates that do too much and try to justify it. The force that rely on they Tasers and juice folks unnecessarily. Pepper water (MACE) and cuffs be they second weapon of chioce to their Tasers. They all have ADD (Arrest and Detain Disorder). Look at the statistics, for this year half the murders in Vallejo are complements of Ya Boys.

A: Ay maine, Ya Boys is commn'

B: Where?

A: They commn' of Tennessee st right now

B: Ight well les go for they start shootn' up the place

A: Ight maine, Im finna head back to Cuddiville

B: I see you then cuz Im bout bounce to TT West

A: Ight then boi

See M. Du


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