ÿa, Das Ist Gutï

What is ÿa, Das Ist Gutï?


An expression of total mental freedom and/or luck. When everything goes your way, you say "ÿa, das ist gutï". Or if anything is so great that it justs blows your mind away!

A: "Have you seen the movie xyz?"

B: "Yes. It was awesome!"

A: "ÿa, das ist gutï"

A: "I got my paycheck today! ÿa, das ist gutï"

See das, ist, mental


Pornstar Hans Mueller (see wikipedia) made this phrase famous. He said that phrase during numerous porn shoots. He always says it, when the shooting was successful.

"I cum on your face... *fapfapfap* *cums* ÿa, das ist gutï!!!"

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