What is Yaar?


hindi word for 'dude,' used to refer to acquaintances casually

Where's the party yaar?

Whats up yaar?

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hindi equivilent of using "mate" when talking to a friend

just the the crap yaar and let's go drink a lassi


Dude,Friend or Man .An urdu slangword used by pakistanis,indians etc.Popularised by the indian and pakistani film industry.Used excessively by teenagers and may refer to anyone.

Boy:Yaar i havent done my homework!

Friend:haha Dude that reeks..!

Boy;man i hate your guts.

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desi hindi/urdu word for homie, friend, dude, etc

ey yaar stop bein a fob

wut it do yaar?

hey yaar wuddup???

misuses of yaar:

stfu yaar.

See friend, homie, fob, mate, dude


Hindi word that is equal to Americans saying "understand?", "ya know?", "you follow?" or "dig it?" in a conversation.

I hope this check comes today so I'll have money for the poker game on Saturday, yaar?"

See understand, ya know, dig it


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