What is Yage?


Yage is a well known combination of mao-inhibitors and dmt plants. The brew is well known by the South American iquitos tribe etc. It is unlike most hallucinogens including marijuana type products, It causes vivid hallucinations of an lsd or mushroom type variety, yet is far more intense and long lasting. It is the most similar to hallucinogenic mushroom intoxication, yet is far more intense.

He called it by its real name, but he still was not one to behold the message of yage, and thus became very frightened.

See ayahuasca


This is a type of drug. It is a vine that is found in remote areas of Central and South America (maybe other places also). It was popularized by author William S. Burroughs as he fled the US in search of the fantasy drug.

Rumor has it the drug causes hallucinations and telepathy. The latter is unlikely, but the drug is known to have been used in many Indian ceremonies.

In summary, "yage" can be most directly related to " hashish" - which is basically a playdoh form of pot. Maybe it's like "hash" mixed with absinthe, but I wouldn't know, I've never tried either.

After consuming the yage vine, I saw a big bright city and stumbled into a coma.


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