Yahoo Chatter

What is Yahoo Chatter?


One that sits on the computer for countless hours in yahoo chat rooms, usually can see many of the same people in the same rooms for days on end. Alot of chatters even meet together for "gatherings" or "chat parties". these people generally have no life away from the computer.

"he's gone to hang out with the yahoo chatters this weekend"

"crazy dumbass yahoo chatters"

See Tony Montana


An entity of pure mechanical or robotic nature, who solely exists for the purpose of lureing a suspecting newbie into having sex with it. Using lines like "21/f/cali with cam" or "looking to show" as bait.

If the 'Yahoo Chatter' is successful in consumating a physical act, it spreads its chat bot seed like a parasite. This results in many little chat bot children to be born from the host, in the coming weeks.

kinky_misty_89: cute college gal here? any guys wanna chat?

coed_miko26: web cutie looking to play

coed_miko26: hot plaything looking to show


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