Yamato Ishida

What is Yamato Ishida?


The hottest character in Anime history. I love him and so do all the other Digimon fans..e on I know you do!

I dunno he is just really freaking hot!


See the first definition. Process it. Good. Now, HE IS SEXY HE IS SEXY!!!!!!! Process that. Good. Now, picture him and Tai/Taichi naked in bed with chains and whipped cream and blood and bondage tools and daggers and other (ahem) bodily fluids and blacklites and Izzy's porn collection and Kouji's bandana (what's that doing there) and the Ring (it can be put on other things than the finger) and (last one!) lotion. Definately lotion.

Yamato's annoying brother must DIE, you hear me? DIIEEEE!!! I mean, come on! Yamato's so sexy his own BROTHER'S falling for him, so that brother of his must die!


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