What is Yammies?


Yammies refer to extremely large breasts on a woman.

After Michelle kicks the ball, her yammies make it to first base about a minute before the rest of her.

See breasts, boobs, knockers, hooters, tits, chesticles, breasticles, hangers, flapjacks, jugs, fun bags, sweater puppies, ta-tas, rack, whoppers, yams, tetons, torpedoes, sweater meat, pumpkins, melons, mountains, mams, headlights, dueling banjos, floatation devices, mammoths


The chest of a fat male that resembles a woman's breasts. AKA manboobs

Look at Sam's yammies! They jiggle when he runs!!

See manboobs, bitchtits, estrogen, overweight, fat


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