What is Yams?


street name for a type of drug

"ima keep the rest of my yams at my autie house"

-young jeezy


plural of yam

ounces of coke

i got three yams so we are gonna party like rockstars for the next few days


A term for good, sweet pussy thats lovely for thanksgiving and is originally native to South Jersey.

Yo I got them yams last night.

See snatch, pussy, walls, skins, The Hamburgler


A gram of cocaine

Dat nigga up da street sellin yams fa 45$

See cocaine, white, powder, gram, money


Yams is another word for a Sweet Potato.

These Yams are great!

See yams, sweet, potato, lol, yums


Name for a street drug.

Hide the rest of the yams at my Aunt T's house.

Young Jeezy


Collectively illegal items that one would hide at his or her auntie's house.

I quickly realized exactly what neighborhood I was in when I heard the dealer yell, "Yams for sale!" What I was doing on this side of the river, I hadn't the slightest idea.


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