What is Yanis?


Perfection. Beauty, and Intelligence.

1.This Painting is Yanis! Outstanding! Brilliant!

2.A woman walks by two men, one says: "she's pretty what do you think?'' the second man says: "She's not Yanis''

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A crime syndicate in Tustin

an organized crime ring

See Gibby


1.A goddess. Yanis is not only a deity of sexual love but also of affection and all the impulses that underpin social life.

2.She is a caring and beautiful person often misunderstood.

3.A quiet and modest girl.

''Yanis is exactly how a woman should act.''

See beautiful, caring, goddess, intellectual, modest


1. A total screwup; a person who is destined to be a failure in life.

2. Also means a stupid/uncoordinated action.

1. "Greg, if you keep this up, you're going to end up a Yanis."

2. "Okay students, raise your left hand" said Mrs Perkins

*Josh raises right hand*

"Josh, that was a serious yanis move right there" said Kim

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