Yankee Dipper

What is Yankee Dipper?


POUGHKEEPSIE* POKER: one of the two major constituentparts of the Union or Congressof male and femaleRepresentatives, the other partner being the YANKEE DIMPLE.

(*Pronounced PUK IPS EEE)

From TheMemberoftheWedding by Carson McCullers

Having discreetly removed her drawersin anticipation, Doriswas delighted to see that Roger 'swedding tackle was well and truly ready: a formidably large piece of traditional hardwoodfurniture, in prime condition for apt installationin the log cabin of any American brideor bridesmaid.

Indeed, the rock hard promontory that the youthful privateer now presented for her approval, would have seemed quite at homein the deepest crevasseof the Grand Canyon. Such a spectacular totem pole would have been at the centre of a circle of admiring tourists on any native American reservation (thought Doris, who had often pored over such pictures in the National Geographic).

Within minutes, Maidenhead was but a distant memory, receding into a haze of Scotch mist and melba embrocation, as the bold Berkshire huntsman, riding furiously, stretched her moistPoughkeepsieparts to new American quiltproportions.

"Gee, I'm Chaucered! That sure is some YANKEE DIPPER you've got there," she eventually remarked, in tones of supreme satisfaction.

"Ah've never had no complaints, honey," the look mamplumber proudly replied, wiping his shiny, upstate equipmenton the hirsutefringe of her conspicuouslycontented connection section. "Ah do take mah dooties as best man mighty seriously."

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