What is Yar!?


1. Pirate's greeting.

2. Interjection used by pirates.

3. Expression of great joy.

4. Jubulant greeting.

1. "Yar, maties, to-day we sail to the Dry Tortugas!"

2. "Yar, whirrs me cutlass? I got an itch, yar. Yar, I need to do laundry!"

3. "YAR! I just won the lottery!"

4. "Yar, Fred, hows it going?"


sacred word of the pirate people

Christopher Colombus: "Yar! I fell off the cliff!"

Servant: "Ur a pirate?!":|


sleek, fast, impressive, desirable

Dexter: Yes, yes. She was quite a boat, the True Love, wasn't she?

Tracy: Was, and is.

Dexter: My, she was yar.

- Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story

See Jazz


Nearly rhetorical affirmative response to someone else's observation. Often muttered by pirates.

Passerby: Thee's a steering wheel sticking out of your pants!

Pirate: Yar, it's driving me nuts...

See Looger


An exclamaition of agreement (and also used as a random exlamaition) often used by "pirates," but since pirates have now become "illegal downloaders of software/music" and those "pirates" tend to be teenagers, "yar!" is basically an exclamaition of agreement (and also used as a random exlamaition)often used by teenagers.

Bob: Yar! This song I just downloaded is uncensored!

Lara: Yar!


In some East Indian dialects, "yar" (or more appropriately "yaar") means friend, but it is used in many sentences as a sort of pause.


1. To talk to a friend.

2. To add a frustration tone.

3. To express anger.

4. To insert a short pause, akin to the English word "um," though never used more than once in a sentence.

1. What is up, yaar.

2. Oh no, we're gonna die, yaar.

3. What the hell was that, yaar.

4. I was at the mall the other day, yaar, and I bought this shirt.


In some South Asian dialects, means "friend"

What is up yar?


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