What is Yaw?


The act of saying "Oh hell no" with a clawed hand

Im about to yaw you, Allen

See holla, for, a, dolla


The act of pulling a Yolanda King Yi Luk.

The attempt of saying "Oh hell no" with a clawed hand.

I'm about to yaw you, Allen Chen.

See holla, for, a, dolla


for saying yes

SOME TEENSTER:Hey faggit what the answer for number one? 1 + 1 = 5?



Shortened term for You are welcome, not widely used, as people prefer the shorter version yw, Anecdotal evidence proves that yaw is easier to say though.

#1: Thanks for the cake

#2: yaw

See yw, ty, ya, yah, yeah


a man that has no life and will never be anything. Someone that thrives of off other people's love life because he cant get a girlfriend since he is so ugly. Also has followers named "Robbie and Bobbie" who does everything that he says.

look at that guy sitting on the couch, is he going to school or anything?

no he's a yaw and those are his biches next to him!

See loser, asshole, nothing, dumb, ass


a souhern word meaning a group of people.

Are yaw ever goin' to go to the mountains


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