What is Yaya?


one of the best characters from the move "sandlot". use to agree or say anything you want.

Smalls: what up, do you want to go tackle the beast today?

Yaya: yaya. yaya.


n. - Vagina, female genitalia. Generally in reference to the whole package from the bush to the taint

She shaved her yaya before her big date.

See vagina, pussy, cooch, hoohaa, clam, beaver


a slang word for saying yay and because of my misspelling lol

yaya i got that 1 girl iv always wanted ;)

See yay, slang, girl, kool


Yaya is a word from the extinct Mohabi language. It means, waterfall.

Niagra Falls is a type of yaya.

See yaya


1. term of endearment for an old Greek grandmother

2. used by feminists as a reference to a woman in her prime

2a. meaning, in this context, an old stupid whiny bitch with delusions of sexiness to anyone who is not a feminist

See "Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood", ad nauseum

See grandmother, feminism, bullshit


Youth and Young Adult. Refers to things associated with people who are 18-to-24 years olds. It especially refers to things like trends, technology, and media. Baby Boomersstay Baby Boomers as the get older. You're only a YAYA if you're 18-24.

"Man, that new iPhone is so YAYA. My parents will never learn to use it."

See generation x, teenagers


A convenience store in Fayetteville, NC, known for drug transactions, and really moody Arabs that run the place :)

James: Hey Darryl, wanna go to Yaya and score some blow?

Darryl: Why go to Yaya, we can get it anywhere, ITS FAYETTEVILLE

See drugs, blow, cocaine


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