What is Yayness?


The level of yay in a person, place or situation.

Great happiness= high yayness

Sadness= low yayness

See Brian


(interj.) said when expressing happiness!

i got a 100 on my test. YAYNESS!

See jonny


When yay just wont cut it

.....finding 50p in a public toilet


when something really really good has happened, instead of saying yay, you say Yayness

Brian: I'm going to a Greenday concert this Saturday!

Karen: Yayness!

See yay, cool, awesomeness, sweet, great, Oscar the Grouch


showing expressions of great happyness followed by a long list of exclamation marks. usually yelled by some freak who is over excited about something...i.e. what i do, a lot!!!!

omg yayness!!!!!!!!!!

thats sooo yayness!!!!!!!!!


Its an expression of joy

person #1: Dude! you just won that game!

Person #2: yayness!! that was a good one

See woohoo, w00t, yay, wahey, awsome


Perpetual serendipity. Happens repetitively by habitual coincidence.

Enjoy the yayness of every day life!

See positiveness, happyness, goodness


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