What is Yeadon?


1. A horrible, random story with a pointless ending. Usually starting with "One time," and ending in "it was so funny," or something along those lines.

2. A story in which the teller forgets forgets what or who he or she is talking about.

1. "One time, I saw this commercial, and it was so funny."

2. "I heard this wicked funny joke yesterday, but i forget what it was."


Yeadon is small borough outside of Southwest Philadelphia. It is technically a suburb but the influx of city denizens has made this once small borough a growing urban spot. SEPTA, the major public transit authority in and around Philadelphia has a number 13 trolley entitles "Yeadon," named because the borough is the end of the line that travels from Center City throughout University City and West Philadelphia, through Southwest Philadelphia, into Yeadon, stopping on the Darby/Yeadon borderline.

If you looking for that fire green, go to Yeadon which is right around the corner from Chester Avenue in Philly, just catch the 13 on Kingsessing Ave and you're there.

See doowop


a form of gangsta talk

Tyrese: yo i heard alotta yeadon lately


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