What is Yeen?


Slang for "you ain't".

typically how southern people say it

"yeen shit"


yeen n. someone or something who is specifically awkward. awkward in a silent, creepy, reclusive sense. frustratingly quiet or annoying in general. can have negative or somehow positive connotations.

yeenish (adj.) see above

to yeen (v) to participate in awkward activities (usually with atleast one other person)

yeenily (adv.) to do something in an awkward fashion

wow, i dont know his deal last night he was being SUCH a yeen.

pssh you didnt have to be so yeenish, just come out and tell me that you like me!

we yeened around for a while, but things got less awkward i swear.

See awkward, loner, sketchy, sketch ball


To queef and fart simultaneously.

"Aw shit, the bitch just yeened on me."


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