Yellow Submarine

What is Yellow Submarine?


A song sung by the beetles

We all live in a yellow submarine....yellow submarine...yellow submarine


1. a kiddie song by the Beatles. Ever heard of them?

2. a cool animated cult classic movie based on the hit Beatlessong. It's a funkymind-expanding trip. Show this at your party for a wild psychedelic ride.

3. a marijuana joint. A reefer.

1. in my elementary school in music class we sang many popular songs. "Yellow Submarine" was a favorite for us, another was "I Am Everyday People" by Sly and the Family Stone. We also did the Carpenters tune "Sing ... Sing a Song" (yeeecccchhh) and other crap.

2. We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine...

3. I was so strung out that I went to a festival on the lake and smoked a yellow submarine.

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After you blow your load inside a chick's ass, you piss in her ass with your barnacle cock, and it lubes up clumps of shit and the clumps slide out like submarines into the yellow water.

"Holy shit Sam, did you hear about Nick and Heather last night? He drowned her gaping ass in his piss and made some yellow submarines.

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The act of urinating inside any of a partner's orifices during intercourse.

Partner 1: "This anal intercourse is lovely, dear, but I have to urinate. I'll be right back."

Partner 2: "No, honey--just give me a yellow submarine!"

Partner 1: "Yayyy!"

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Obese Asian girl in a swimsuit

Man, that yellow submarine really should stay away from the pool

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Peeing inside of a girl when you are having sex under water

Juliene immediately got her things and left after Jack gave her a yellow submarine

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a joint

we smoked a yellow subamarine uesterday


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