What is Y-fronts?


Male undergarment distinguised by a 'y' shaped penis-flap at the front, which allows easy access for BJs or golden showers.

May cause infertility due to ballsackrestriction.

"Do you think I'm sexy if I wear these y-fronts on my head?"


Typical guys' underwear. There's and opening at the open end of the 'y'.

Last Halloween Roscoe stuck some dingy y-fronts on top of his head and ran down the street shouting,"Pwip!"


old-fashioned underpants so called because the fly is made up of an upside down Y shape allowing quick access but still affording cover

Chris "Y-fronts" B***** MP was so excited by Tony's first election victory that he lowered his trousers in public and started masturbating, while singing Things Can Only Get Better and inviting men to perform oral sex on him.

Call me old-fashioned, but what's wrong with a glass of champagne


More accurately the name 'y-fronts' comes from the shape of the undergarment which can be seen as the letter 'y' in much the same way a 't-shirt' may be viewed as the letter 't'.

"Dude, where did you buy those glittery y-fronts? I gots to get me some of those!"


somthing that should never been worn by men under the age of 50

picture it a yong 20-somthing good looking man standing before u in nonting but green Y-FRONTS very disturbing innit?


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