What is Yips?


A mental disconnect between the mind and the body. May result in becoming a hacker.

Overton missed his put to the right because he had the yips.

See hacker, shank


The resulting effect of smoking 2 cartons of cigarettes in 24 hours while playing 45 holes of golf.

Yips tend to attack small, pasty Villanova alumni.

Hole #1 - My bad, Jeff. I got the f***ing YIPS!

Hole #3 - My bad, Jeff. These f***in YIPS!

Hole #4 - My bad, Jeff. F***ing YIPS are killin me.

Hole #8 - My bad, Jeff. YIPS!!!!

Hole #11 - My bad, Jeff. Can't shake these f***ing YIPS.

Hole #15 - My bad, Jeff. Faggot ass YIPS!

Hole #18 - My bad, Jeff. Sorry fellas. f***in YIPS killed me.

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slang term for the drug cocaine.

yo last night i was doing yips when my mom walked in

See coke, cocaine, yayo, snow, llello


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