What is Y2k9?


The day all 30GB Zunes ceased to function.

'Microsoft is just squeezing in under the wire to claim the rights to “weirdest tech story of the year.”Last night at approximately 2 AM, every 30GB Zune model on the planet crashed... The Zunes reset, powered up, then froze on the loading bar screen, and no conventional method of resetting them appears to work.

This is brought to you courtesy of Microsoft, who has been selling a video game console with a nearly 100% fail rate for three years. The Zune situation is all the more disastrous however seeing as all of them failed at the exact same moment, which people have taken to calling 2K9.'

From the same company that brought you the Red Ring: Y2K9, Death of the Zunes.

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A dog that was born at 12 midnight on January 1, 2000.

Jack: My dog was born at midnight at the dawn of the new millennium.

Bob: Oh cool, so he's a Y2K9.

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The simultaneous worldwide crash of every 30GB Zune worldwide during the early hours of the morning on Dec 31, 2008.

Y2K9 - oh noes!

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