What is Y-o?


Short for Yonkers, it is an area included in Westchester, N.Y. where you have two sides - the ghetto and the white people. The line between these two has become blurry but if you go to the southside - Ghetty Square - you'll find where all the gangstas are at. And for sure, in the "good" side you'll find little white kids hanging around every sreet corner such as Central, Yonkers Ave., or any park and they'll either be having sex, getting drunk or high, or all these social activities combined. These white kids have their own "gangs" reppin' the street the chill at thinking they are hard ass niggas and certified gangstas.

Tony: So what did you do last night, nigga?

Mikey: Yo nigga, you know i hit theMm blunts and got wasted off my ass!

Tony: But, yo, did you GET any ass?

Mikey: You know i did nigga !!


Slang for Yonkers, NY.


the hood where all the shooting is going dow.

My sister was raped in the y-o.

See Phizzy


Yonkers, NYC 10704


What black people, and an increasing number of white people, call Yonkers, New York.

YOnkers NY


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