Yo Mama

What is Yo Mama?


A term that originated in street diming which precedes an inventive insult to the other person's mother. Presumably because once upon a time, in the 'hood, Mothers were highly prized.

"Yo mama" so fat, she have to go downstairs sideways.

See your mother, your mama, you, yo momma, momma


meaning: your mother

"yo mama" is on her way home

See yours, his


An derisive term, equivalent to motherfuckerbut can be used in general company because it's not a swear word. Term often precedes a fight.

Thug #1: I will cut you up!

Thug #2 : "yo mama"."

Thug #1 swings and the fight is on.

See motherfucker, muthafucka, yo momma


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