Yo Yo

What is Yo Yo?


a childs toy used for amusement in an up and down motion, capable of performing tricks

yo my homie bro, thinks are totally wack... have u seen my yo yo??


1. A Hi-Tec Spinning Mechanism, used for tricks and spins.

2. A word thug Gangsta's use

1. 'Seen This new Trick wit my Yo Yo'

2. 'Yo Yo, Whats up bling blingy'

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A young (typically white) male from suburbia that comes from a nice middle class family type environment and upbringing that dresses and acts like as though they are "hardcore" from the streets of South Central L.A. or Harlem. Fully versed in Ebonics, they most often use the word "Yo" to begin any sentence or greeting.

Note: It is unsure if a Yo Yo knows whether or not they are fooling anyone with their act. It is assumed if they do know, they continue with the act regardless.

"I pulled up to a red light beside a bunch of Yo Yo's in their Mom's Toyota Camry blasting some Tupac; I laughed."

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Slang term for the Euro (currency), in Ireland.

That hat cost me 15 yo yos.

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goofy jerk on drugs or drunk (bob up & dwn when walking)

Hay yo yo, mr dunkin man come here! what chew say! Take dem hands out yo pockets,

now get on dah ground, yo have the right to shut up, if u speak it will be used by dah judge,

if u poor man state will buy yo mouth peace. those are man-dah ah rights ?????

Hay one more ting don't bend over, pick up bar of soap!.. yo know what isa saying??

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the lips of the vaginia.

look at the yo yo on that woman. formally known as camel toe

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when you are skateboarding and you do a trick and land so hard that it feels like your nuts stretch down like a yo yo and then come back up and hit you.

damn dude i did that ollie off that ledge and got served the yo yo.


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