What is Yodel?


1) A type of singing from the Swiss and Austrian alps.

2)To be sick, to vomit, to chunder, to Blow Chunks.

Can also be spelt Yodle?

1)The Von Trapp family was sick of the yodeling in the distance.

2)Lisa's been drinking all night, she's sure to chunder if she smokes a spliff.


n. used interjectionally in greeting in place of the word "yo" originally coined to belittle hip-hop "culture" this word has risen above and beyond it's intentions as it is now adopted by the sect it is used to ridicule. archaic: a singing style popularized in the mountain regions of Europe.

"what it is yodel?"

"awright then yodel, holla at churr boy"

"ahahahaha, i just heard that "thug" say 'yodel'"

See yo, yodle, hipsters, ebonics, satire


1. singing in a weird way

2. a chocolate twinkie

1. If you yodel, it will cause an avalanche.

2. Yodels are scrumptuous in lunches.

See DW


variation of 'holler' or 'holla'

"Yodel back youngin"


The process of inserting your penis in a girl's anus, her then shitting on your dick, and you jizzing in the shit to form the cream filling.

That ho I fucked last night shit on my dick and I made a yodel in her loose ass.


black mans penis. usually for a nice white girl

Tracey loves to take that yodel inside her.


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