What is Yodelayheehoo?


A trimphant exclamation of feeling that can be spoken and heard as spirited celebration or earnest sorrow and can be used by merely uttering the word or yodeling it's context in a sobering nature. Can be used as a quick surprise and or a sudden hello and greeting or even a form of goodbye and salutation but is also used sometimes unawares, unconsciously or even in an unpredetermined moment of outcry by it's user. On rare occasion it's use can be broadcast as meaning "Do you know what I mean?" and "Are you for real?". Even rarer is it's use in regards to a yummy personality or bodily figure. Originating from Swedish yodelers and yodeling peoples alike (odle, odle ay, odle ay ee oo). This/These word(s) has/have been Americanized to it's current form mostly through songs and various written material found anywhere you look. Altogether - an encompassing word for an "at the moment" happening, gesture, suggestion, outreach.

1).Up every morning just to keep a job

I gotta fight my way through the hustling mob.

Sounds of the city pounding in my brain,

While another day goes down the drain.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well, it's a 5 O'clock World when the whistle blows

No one owns a piece of my time.

And there's a 5 O'clock me inside my clothes

Thinking that the world looks fine...yeah.

(Yodeling) Yodelay heeeee hooooo, hooo hooo hooo heeee oooooo

2). Yodelayheehoo! I'm still young...

3). That sure is suprising, yodelayheehoo.

4). Yodelayheehoo!!! Good to see you.

See yodel, yodle, yodeling, yahoo, odle


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