What is Yoke?


A slang term for male ejaculate or semen

Yoke in her face!

I yoked all over that bitch!

See sperm, semen, yoke, ejaculate, in, her, face


these days in Ireland, a Yoke refers to almost *anything*

"how do you get this feckin yoke to work?" - computer

"pass me that yoke" - pencil

"this yoke is feckin broken!" - DVD player


See A


spinning your tires, doing donuts, dipn(gas-breakn)

he yoked his 5.0 at the sideshow all night

See yoken, sideshow, hyphy, dumb


A playful, aggressive or intimidating (or sensual) gesture of brushing (touching) the chin of another person with your hand quickly, in order to get a bizzare reaction out of the other person.

A yoked B.

I am gonna yoke you.

See yoke, biff, womp, fail, treated, playful, intimidating, sensual, aggressive


1. Thing, as in, the yoke over there.

2. Ecstasytablets

"That fucking thing, the fucking whatchamacallit, the yoke!"

"I took a few yokes and was off me chops for the whole night"

See also off chops


A headlock.

See Rasta


Gamer-slang for yielding under pressure. Similar to choke. Originally derived from someone making fun of someone's lack of gaming skills under pressure saying: "Hey, who broke up the Beatles?, Choke-o Ono". Which later became shortened to just Yoke

Dude you just yoked under the pressure!

See choke, yield, succumb, go down, say uncle


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