What is Yokes?


What Irish people call ecstasy pills.

Have you got any yokes Seamus? Sorry Padraig, I sold my last one to Fiachra.

See anonymous


Irish street slang for the drug Ecstasy

Hey man have you got any yokes?


1.) Nickname, A.K.A, alias, etc for Yokohama Tires

Yo man your new ride rolling on some Yokes or what?

Yeah I got some Yokes on my 30s.

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Irish slang for ecstasy tablets.

Usually used by the great unwashed and scumbags with 90 degree baseball caps.

Jonny Joe Jr.- "Aww, do you have any yokes man?"

Joe Johnny Sr.- "No man, shite! I think I left them in my jacket."

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smalldance drug

foley on a weekend


An alternate title for the card game Poker.

Hey Docta, you want to play some yokes at your house on friday?

Sure, I've got a few extra bills I don't mind gambling.


Same a jokes, just sounds much cooler, and also makes you sound like you have an accent, which chicks love, or possibly a retard.

Allan:Yo man that bizzo was hot


Dan: Yokes on yokes (reversal, she was hot)


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