What is Yola?


Yola is another slang term for Cocaine.

mostly used in Norcal and the central valley. Plural = Yols

Me and my boys got some yola last night,

and were all twacked out.


A combination of the words "yo," and "hola." Resulting in the spanglish word, "Yola."

person a: "hey!"

person b: "yola!"

See spanglish, yo, hola, hello, hi, hey, greeting


A combination of yo and hola. (hola is spanish for hello)

A greeting most of my friends use.



See hello, hola, yo, yola


A greeting that is a combination of "Yo" and "Hola"

Yola, what's up?

Yola, how are you today?

See yola, hola, yo, greetings, hello, hey, hi


a mix between the two words hola and yo both meaning hello or hi in a greeting sort of fashion.

Yola Molly how are you.

See yolla, hey, hi, greeting, hello


when lost for words in a sticky situation

"Then i went to stick it up her, yola"

See thumper


a rickety boat that migrants sail on to get to the U.S. or its territories.

Damn homie there's like 100 haitians floatin up on that yola!

See boat, pos, obscene


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