What is Yomama?


an insult about yomama

yomama is like a hockey player, changes her pads after 3 periods and that is what yo mama mean bitch


Literally, "Your" (n.) - 'an English word that is used when one person is talking to another and they want to refer to the person they are talking to in a 1st person point of view' + "Mother" (n.) - 'an English word that describes a female of a certain species that is or was capable of sexual reproduction at some point in their lives and exercised that aspect of their lives, and caused the creation and growth of a fetal offspring in their womb, egg, or pouch'; therefore, "Your" + "Mother" = the mother of a creature that a person who speaks English is referring to in a 1st person point of view. Don't you just love these literal definitions to just irritate the hell out of people?

Yomama fer shizzle my nizzle dog.

See you, your, mother, mama, yo mama, your mother


an insult for some reason

yomama is fat

See hehe


yomama yomama yomama yomama yomama

yomamamamamamamamamamamamamama yo mama

See yomama


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