What is Yoohoo?


a bad ass chocolate drink.

get me a yoohoo, bitch

See jessica


Slang for the children of a single mom. Deriving from the fact that if you sleep with her and spend the night, you will have to buy her kids a yoohoo the next morning.

Bro, I am dating a hot divorced chick...

Make sure she does not have any yoohoo's...

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Adjective: when two people have sex in a pool of yoohoo chocolate drink and conceive a baby that has big boobs and a yoohoo box penis.

"Damnnnn, look at that yoohoo baby's penis, it is a juice box! And what nice boobs it has!"

See chocolate, milk, baby, pool, sex


The lower regions of a guy...

Oh shit I got my Yoohoo caught in plane engine...

See AG


Can be used to express praise when used in the following phrase: "sweeter than yoohoo".

Man, that was sweeter than Yoohoo!


A chocolate drink, but can also refer to really bad diarrhoea (yes that is spelled right).

Other diarrhoea slang: gippo guts

I've had the flu, so I wasnt at work for a while because I have spend the last week rocketing yoohoo out of my ass.


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