Yorkshire Man

What is Yorkshire Man?


A man from Yorkshire. Of course, it's a highly coveted attribute that's only achievable by having a mother with enough foresight to realise the best place to go to give birth. Sadly, those who're unfortunate enough to be born outside of Yorkshire (say, for example, in Lancashire) do tend to get rather jealous and slag Yorkshire men and women off.

See also Yorkshireman.

Michael so was upset about not being a Yorkshire man that he embarked upon a desperate smear campaign against the county, revealing his own inferiority and fascination with sheep.


oh dear! yorkshire (english county) provides many a salutory tale in how not to behave when away from home. men of that large county tend to be extremely boastful on account of their lack of size in other areas. borish, arrogant, self-opinionated, unforgiving. have a pathological dislike of lancastrians on account of having had their arses thrashed several hundred years ago by said county. treated sympathetically when in lancashire to seek cultural enlightenment. cannot pronounce the word 'cricket'. women of that county provide regular, if 'sameish' entertainment, to lancastrian men living close to the border.

a. I'm a yorkshire man!

b. Then you should leave!

See arrogant, limited, cricket, leeds, boycott


"A male person from the county of Yorkshire who is generally, scruffy in appearance and appears to be mentally challenged!"

" Your a yorkshire man!"


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