What is Yosh?


derived from a Japanese word meaning an enthusiastic affirmative, often used in l33t and other forms of online communication. Expresses approval and

You fr4gg3d all the other players?!? Yosh!! You r0x0r!

See culprit


A favorite exclamation of Dr. Eggman.

"Yosh!" "Yosh!" "Yosh!" "Yosh!"

See Tom


to fuck something up...alot. invented at Emory University. Also, to creep someone out.

Dude #1: (after throwing an interception in Madden): Goddamnit..I yoshed that so badly.

ex. 2

Guy: So, you come here often

Girl: Get away from me

Guy: Man I really yoshed that up!

See creepy, sexual harassment


Exclamatory greeting that wishes love, peace, and respect.

Yosh to my people in the Back Bay!

See yosh, greeting, peace, love, respect


awesome/very cool. Similar to shway in meaning and in origin; it was introduced (as an extraterrestrial term) on the short-lived Steven Spielberg animated show "Invasion: America" in 1998.

-Hey Joe, did you ever see that tv show 'Invasion: America?'

-Yeah Moe, that show was yosh!


adj. sexy, hot, cool, top cat, yummy, scrummy, etc etc

man, enoch, that hot mamma is yosh, i tell you, yosh!!!!


a mixture of crunk and hyphy based in the Los Angeles Area

"We got YOSH at that party last night."

See hyphy, thizz, crunk, stupid, dumb


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