You Know I Love Ya

What is You Know I Love Ya?


A phrase used to minimize the damage after insulting someone. Often accompanied by "I didn't mean that" or "Just kidding".

Damm you're so fat, you can't even jump to a conclusion...Ha Ha just know I love ya.


A phrase said after you've massacred someone's pride.

"You really look hideous today"


"But don't worry! You know I love ya!"


This phrase has been used in word boxing for many years. It's useful in every setting from family to new love.

It tends to be used primarily as a counter phrase when one is made to feel uncomfortable. Also used if the user feels they have over stepped some boundary.It's usually followed by a new topic as quickly as possible, or by silence.

The use of ya instead of you directs the listeners mind to a softer, less serious side of speech.


Person 1.. I sure am glad I met you. I think we could be great together, your so special.

Person 2.. Oh.. you know I love ya. Hey did I tell you my cat had kittens?


Person 1..I never get so drunk I forget what I did.

Person 2.. Really? so you remember hookin' up with your second cousin at the club last week?

Person 1.. No you didn't!

Person 2..Oh, you know I love ya girl.


a good opportunity to say this phrase would be after cracking a joke about someone that is somewhat insulting, but not taken to the heart.

"aww come on now, you know i love ya!"

See Melanie


a phrase used by a significant other to get out of a troubled situation or take back something they did or said.

guy: get me a beer, BITCH!

girl: WHAT?!?!? who u callin a bitch?

guy: you know i love ya

See gato


When you lie. Its the synonym to lie. LIE LIE LIE LIE!

baby, baby, baby "You know, I Love ya." not lets have some sex!


used after insulting or making a joke of someone, to make them feel better

Dude that was cold!

Oh, you know I love ya.

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