You Lost

What is You Lost?


1. When a person says something so incredibly stupid or pointless that everyone present is speechless for up to thirty seconds.

2. When a person has nothing to say or says something stupid after a long string of insults with another person.


Joe: "Yo, Brandon! What's the English homework?

Brandon: "Did you know that Newton said that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction..."

Joe: "You lost."


Foster: "Yeah, well you're so ugly, when your mom saw you for the first time she said, 'Damn! I knew I should have just given head!'"

Gaylord: "W...Well...Just...Just...Just...F YOU"

Foster: "You lost."


a term used by message forum fags that have no lives. Usually said by a person that can't articulate an intelligent response in an arguement.

Intelligent Person: I think the new Kanye West CD will be good.

Message Forum Fag: You Lost.


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