You Now

What is You Now?


1. A dismissive and sometimes aggressive response to an insult, order, question, or statement. Used, to my knowledge, mainly in Central Australia. Literally means "how about you?" or "it is, in fact, you" or "how about questioning yourself instead of me, my friend, my girlfriend, my parents etc?"

2n also express amazement, excitement, or disbelief at an individual.

3. Can be used to aknowledge a person's presence. (often spoken very quickly)

4. Recently replaced(sometimes) with the soulja boy lyric: "YOOOUUUUUU!!!!" - accompanied with an index finger pointed at the intended person

1. "Dude you're a complete and utter fuckwit. What did you steal Sean's bottle of vodka for?" response: "You now".

2. "Hey mate I just won 4 Million dollars in the lottery!" response: "You Now!!"

3. Walkng into a party: "You now tim, you now grace, you now lachy etc."

4. "Oi man, give us a drag of your durrie" response: "YOOOUUU!!!" a la soldier boy crank that

See greeting, insult, response


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