You'll Have That

What is You'll Have That?


A phrase of southern origin which can be used interchangeably with phrases like "That's life" or "Shit Happens."

My dog just got run over!

Well you'll have that.

See shit happens, that's life, dinkin flicka, c'est la vie, that'll happen


Something you say after something happens... could be just about anything that would normally happen...especially potent in shitty situations... Another way of saying..."Ya.. that'll happen...", "Shit happens" etc... except way cooler....

1.) Chic#1: "Damn, dude I went out last night, got crunked, and ended up puking."

Chic#2: "'ll have that."

2.) "Damnit, I just washed my car, and now a bird pooped all over it!!!"

"Ya.. youll have that dude"

3.) Fuck, I banged this dude cause I thought he was hot and now he's being all annoying and stalkerish and wont leave me alone!!"

"D'oh, youll have that!"

See you'll have that, doh, shit, uhhh


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