Young Cat

What is Young Cat?


a magical person& a person who attracts old people with big hips ;D

wow did you see that old person checking out that young cat?


a gayguy who;s straight buht` got lesbian tenticles; makes awl the laydiies go lesbian &makes awl the felluhs go gay; very very horney at times; likes to jack off with a marker.

young cat is gaayyy.


a food box loving, insane bitch, and most of all, gayest person alive .

you see that (adjective) boy/girl , thats a young cat.

See nia


A short vietnamese gay GUY with extremely horny tendencies.

Look at that beezy over there. Mos'defintely a youngcat.

See athena


1.- the master of ASS .

2.- the HOTTEST and FINEST friend there is . :D

whos that fine,hot woman over there ??... ohh its young cat :)


a beautiful magical WOMAN who is very hot and magical. oh yes =]

you were a model for magical things?, your such a young cat.

See young cat


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