Youngstown Culture

What is Youngstown Culture?


The ways of living in Youngstown influenced by your eastern europen grandparents or immediate family.This includes greeks, poles, russians, czechs, and of course the italians.The culture has also been influenced by hard times, poverty, and the working class ideals brought over by these same family members. Inhabitants of this region also use regional slang influenced from the hood, pittsburgh, and the east coast

Youngstown culture Includes the followingitmes of interest and definition. This includes: food items include but not limited Wedding soup,pyroghy,(polish spelling to signify grandparents influence, sorry mrs.t., your frozen pos's don't count), Youngstown points of interest "GM", "Lordstown","GM" laid off people", east side crime, Youngstown cultural hubs:"The Cedars", BW3, anzivino's.Youngstown cultural figures JIMMY TRAFFICANT,Lenny Strollo, Jim Trafficant, Tim Ryan, Jay Williams,"POP", YSU, Youngstown rich suburbs;Boardman, Canfield, Austintown, Southside, Northside, West Side and of course Youngstown Metro Parks, MILK CREEK PARK and Lanterman's MIll.

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