Your Retarded

What is Your Retarded?


Oh, the irony. "Your retarded" is incorrect. It should be "You're retarded". Saying "your retarded" is just making yourself retarded by not knowing the correct grammar.

Billy Bob: your retarded

Sally: Look who's talking. Get some grammar lessons, retard.

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a joke which reveals the veritable retards around you. lacking recognition of the irony, the bona fide retard will correct your grammar, thereby revealing their qualifications for the special olympics.

mrs. smith sees jimmy wearing a t-shirt with "your retarded" printed on it

mrs. smith: "uh, you're retarded because your t-shirt misspelled you're"

jimmy: "it is called irony, fucktard"

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An extremely lame joke that is 1% irony and 99% gay.

"Why does your shirt say, 'Your retarded'?"

"OmGzzz you d0nt get it???"

"That joke sucks"

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