Your Shit

What is Your Shit?


1} A divorceterminology mostly used by an ex, or soon to be ex-wife. Refers to a little tiny small pile of "your shit." Usually clothes and/or pictures spread sporadically upon the front lawn or in a box of "your shit." In some cases it is found to be accompanied along some things you didn't think that you owned. FIRST would be Anal Lubewith a little pretty bow on it. SECOND would be a small metal object, also with a cute little pretty bow on it, called a nail clipper. So that you won't scratch your ankles when you grab them to take it up the ass by her lawyer. And THIRD would be a key to a post office box set up in your name only, that when you check it, find it full of bills ... the kind that need to be paid ... not the ones with dead presidents on them.

2} What is left on the end of her lawyers schlong from you.

3} Something said when you find your key doesn't fit in the door anymore.

4} Also denoted in the song from Beyonce.

1} Dear John ... here is your shit ... and, some gifts.


Jane Doe

2} You don't call me anymore :(


4} To the left To the left To the left

To the left To the left To the left

Everything you own in the box to the left

In the closet that's my stuff - Yes

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Not very good. absolute wank.

Said at the end of a bad joke

"yeah good one, your shit"

See good one dave, good one


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