You're Done

What is You're Done?


if you're done, you just said/did something really dumb, and someone just owned you basically and told you "youre done"

person 1- good thing i brought my library card, 'cause i'm checking you out!

person 2-'re done.

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A term used to describe the ending point of a relationship or series of events in which excessive and unexplained wackiness permitted no further attention or validation. The term is commonly used in conjunction with a hand gesture to the side of the head as if turning off the ignition key, or switch.

You were looking for a drywall knife in an old cardboard box in your basement and found some pills instead and thought it would be an excellent idea to take a couple to see if it might be old narcotic pain pills 'cause your back was sore and it turned out to actually be Ecstasy and you endied up tripping wildly for 12 plus hours and destroyed your apartment?

You're done!!

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