What is Yousaf?


A very eggy fart

(Basically the worst fart you will of ever smelt)

Danielle: "Omg don't tell anyone but i just pooped, sorry"

Loud mouth: "Erghhhhhhh gas masks on people, she's done a yousaf !!"

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A person that hates people who take out their hatred toward another person through slangdefine by making ignorant and idiotic definitions.

These other two definitions of Yousaf were submitted by people that take out their hatred on slangdefine.

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Sleazy muslim guy that attempts to score with white women. Thinks he is witty and charming and claims to be more mature than others. Hates on everyone and everything. Acts like an old man and goes to bed at 9pm.

Leave her alone you're being a Yousaf.

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