Youtube Boob

What is Youtube Boob?


The kind of person that spends time uploading boring and pointless videos on YouTube with the value of being so bad, that they are hilarious.

Commonly, this person thinks they are watched by hundreds of people and act as if they are an important TV celebrity, but are actually only watched by about 3 people. They will make announcements such as upcoming videos, why they haven't posted videos recently and other shit people do not care about.

They will also post video responses to other users which actually have a decent audience so that they can get attention, also trying to emulate popular memes and web videos, but tend to miss the point and fail miserably.

YouTube Boob: "Hello YouTubers, today im going to rant and review about Sonic The Hedgehog, in a pretty much sense it is.."

User: "Lolwut?"

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