Youtube Poops

What is Youtube Poops?


YouTube Poop is a name used for videos posted on YouTube which are usually nonsensical and random. They are simply just randomly chosen clips from things such as cartoons, clipped, looped and remixed to make it sound really strange. The most commonly used clips include scenes from the CD-i game of The Legend of Zelda, and a Mario game called Hotel Mario. These particular YouTube Poop videos (or YTP) are popular among the internet-savvy people and are a major source of internet culture. Some of YTP is inspired by media shown on YTMND, such as the public service message given by Sonic the Hedgehog about being touched in uncomfortable places. The most popular source of clips would be from the Super Mario Bros. cartoon, episode called "Mama Luigi". The most used phrase from this episode would be "That's MAMA Luigi to you, Mario!"

Phrases from YouTube Poops' most popular clips:

"MAMA LUIGI?! *laughs*" - Mario

"That's MAMA Luigi to you, Mario!" - Luigi, Super Mario Bros.

"Gee, it sure is boring around here!" - Link, The Legend of Zelda CD-i

"My booooy." - Old man, The Legend of Zelda CD-i

Usually pronounced "Mah boiiii".

"Or else you will DIE!" - Ganon, The Legend of Zelda CD-i

"And YOU gotta help us!" - Luigi, Hotel Mario

"Kids, there's nothing more cool than being hugged by someone ya like. But if someone tries to touch you in a place or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, that's NO good. It's your body; No one has the right to touch you if you don't want them to. So, what do ya do? First, ya say NO! Then, ya get outta there!" - Sonic, The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

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