What is Youtube-symdrome?


To write a complete description of what you just saw and share it with others through the comment-section. Often describing and citing comic-clips, pointing out the obvious and then adding a "LMAO" or "SHIT THAT IS FUNNY!". Very often clips of popular-culture, such as Simpsons, Family Guy, or current comic-movies.

"OMG! John totally has the YouTube-symdrome."



Movie: Life


"Clude: On deck for what?

Ray: For what? that upper room nigga!!. The upppperrr roooooooooooooom". When Jeeeesuuuuuuus!!!. This is one of the top ten funniest parts of this movie."


Movie: Step Brothers

Part-citing, adding a LOL.

I have 2 see this! "I never asked u, do u like guacamole?" LOL! X)


Show: The Simpsons

Pointing out the obvious.

"LOL...0:28 thats a big-ass can. :)"


Show: Family Guy

Part-citing, adding a LMAO.

"That's what happens man yeah thats what happens! LMAO"

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